Monday, October 16, 2017

Now Playing: Stacy's Spark After Dark

Really dig this track from the latest Halloween at High Noon release...

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Photo by Todd Hido.

Weather Worries

WHY do they even put out a "Month" weather calendar?
Makes absolutely no sense.  NONE.
Though I was still relieved to find that it's going to be amazing weather on Halloween (though I was hoping for more clouds)...

The Great Pumpkin Project

Still planning on where to place our pumpkin this year, but there's a ton of activity on the Warts and All... blog.

Click here for more (and start planning your locations!)...

Sunday, October 15, 2017

New Bill Basso Show: Last Rites Gallery

"Conglomerate"  In New York City...until October 21st.

More information here.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Final Push: Anise & Clove

For one of my favorite things (I lied when I said the last push was the final push for the season)...

Click below (she should call these "HALLOWEEN")...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday The 13th

The Wreath Witch Curse

I work in a very large department...  not that many people, but a giant work area with a lot of unused space.  The entire building is getting refurbished one department at a time, and our old outdated vile wing was asked to consolidate itself onto one side of the wing while visiting departments can inhabit the empty side while their department wings were being stripped down and refurbished.  So it's been a couple years of new neighbors showing up every few months.  It's like getting to know and being annoyed at horrible neighbors/tenants moving in next to your home many times a year.  And knowing they're moving on to nicer homes/apartments and you're still stuck in your old one til God-knows-when.

Early this week, one of the women on the new side, without getting permission or taking a poll, hung something like this wreath (this is actually way nicer so I suspect she might have made hers).

She hung it on the two giant automated doors at the entrance of our department (important to note she hung it on the door on OUR side of the wing).  There was great hooting and hollering on the day she brought it in and I heard her say many times "I LOVE HALLOWEEN!" (I think I might have hissed like a vampire seeing a cross).

Well, four people asked me this week:  "You put that wreath up?"

THAT wreath....the one with the striped witch legs and tiny glittery witch hat and clumps of shiny silver tulle.

Begging For Candy

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross: Halloween Theme

Coming tomorrow, Friday the 13th...

Click below for details:
Thanks, Joe!  I had no idea.

Jeepers Creepers 3: Airing On Syfy October 28/29

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Now Playing: Tear Down The Grey Skies

By Tangerine Dream...

Hocus Pocus: Coven

Been seeing folks lament about a remake of HOCUS POCUS withOUT the beloved original cast (thank GOD [please see previous Bette Midler posts/rants]).

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Now Playing: Circles

From The Descendant.

Image by Bean.

Terror In The Woods: Tonight

Set your wood-paneled VCRs for this one.
We just watched the teaser on Xfinity and I think I might be hooked.
Good silly narration...more in the style of Paranormal Witness.

And after you watch the clip into the comments of this entry for what they see on the's not even paranormal...and it's terrifying.

Super Cool Low-Cost Concept

Such a great idea...

Images by abominable_andy.

Marauding Ghoul

There is an epidemic of mass murder being committed by a virtual army of unidentified assassins.

Image by bedlamsupplyco.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Roadside Weird...

The Witch In Action

...and a squirrel

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Now Playing: How I Love Thee

From Halloween at High Noon's The Descendant.

Image by Bean.

The Apprehension Engine

Another great post over at the Skeleton Key blog...

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Haunted Hearth

More images here.

Now Playing: Resident Evil, The Final Chapter

The "final" Resident Evil film turned out to be our favorite of the series.  I hadn't seen nor heard any reviews of this film and it seemed to die a quick death here in the States (not in China), but it was really enjoyable and very well made.  Great action and pacing, and a lot of heart.  And a solid story. 

Click below for the end credits cue by Paul Haslinger...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

That Old Integrity Discussion Again

Been seeing this guy's pictures popping up more and more in my searches for Halloween images for the blog.  After checking out his website, instagram, and facebook accounts and seeing absolutely no mention of my site anywhere as the source material, well, I wanted to call him out on it.

I simply do not get how someone can feel that they are truly creating if the entire premise of their works, the very end product of their hard work, exists solely because they saw it elsewhere.  And I'm not even going to get into the issues I have when that person starts selling these works.  Is it legal?  Sure it is.  Is it honest?  Absolutely not.

Here's a photo of his "Guardians of the Gate" (Sentinels):

And here's some text from his website:
The scarecrows and corpses you see on this website were designed for this event and I have continued to produce them in varying forms and sizes. They are a culmination of my study of the natural effects of time and the elements on various materials and surfaces, while at the same time designed to have a classic, bygone era appearance that in a curious way simultaneously invites and repels. Using photos I have taken of these creatures, I have designed Halloween greeting cards featuring composites of them on the property and combined with sunset photos I have taken to create a style that is uniquely my own.

"Uniquely"... This guy has some chops.

Anyway, below is the source material for this guy's existence.  My Pumpkin Sentinels.  I love these guys, and am very proud of them.
Here's the guy's site...

Slight update on this issue:  The builder of these Guardians of the Gate, Kerry Lawton, claims that any resemblance to my Pumpkin Sentinels is, and I quote, "purely coincidental."


Spooky Franklin

Lots of great entries below (and some super cool products for sale)...

How Do You Tell Your Neighbors That Their Halloween Decorations Are Too Scary?

An interesting question posed in a short article in the Chicago Tribune in which my good friend Lesley Bannatyne was interviewed.

Click below:

October Dreaming

Images by october_dreaming.

Warm Vs Cold

Begging For Candy

Thursday, October 5, 2017

WitchWood Halloween

Neat video...

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Now Playing: Thursday 10​/​31: Welcome Home, Holly

By Candy House, from The Descendant.

Image by Bean.

While Supplies Last...

The annual Primitives by Kathy sale is going on at the moment and you can get our Pumpkins and Witch Head for cheap, and it looks like the Tall Jacko is being discontinued, so if you've ever pondered owning it, now is probably the time.

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